Home Led Malta display work with the new innovation of high performance in the lighting fixture of Led. With Led you can achieve  level of performance, styling, efficiency, flexibility and control of the light in the way the light is placed so as to drive you in the desired lighting source needed to be made. 


Led are the most preferred lighting source these next generations which gives great work in architectural, retail, commercial and residential lighting work.

Led has luminous efficiency measurement which is calculated in lumen per watt. This is an important metric calculation needed when you need to determine

the light fixture efficiency to the ability of light emitted in the particular surface or area that the led is wished to be placed. 

                                                                     Work that we do is followed below;- be made according to once design preferred.




 The Led Dining tables

Home Led Malta developed  by lighting furniture with the led so as to give a gentle glow in the room the furniture is placed thus, by giving it a good dose of futuristic flair which is ideal for relaxation while dining, working and entertaining.





Home Led Malta have enhanced classic or elegant chandelier by retrieving the design of led bulbs

so that it would keep the same candle light bulbs in their interior decoration







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